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The toilet of any residential or commercial building is a tool prone to clogging due to the possibility of misuse. Excess of toilet paper, foreign objects, toys or even toilet fresheners, among other objects, can create clogging situations.

If you use toilet freshener, you should check that it is properly secured and that the fasteners are not damaged to prevent clogging.

Too much toilet paper can also cause clogging. It can create a dense and large pulp that leads to clogging of the syphon. In any case, you should ensure that the flushing water flow is enough to a complete a full discharge.

In addition to these objects in the common use of a toilet, should not be placed other objects or trash, such as rags, sponges, diapers, sanitary napkins or even toys.

Usually, the presence of smells in the kitchen or bathroom is caused by the lack of water in the coils, allowing the bad odors from the sewer system to rise. In this case, you should let run some water so that it fills the syphon to avoid bad smells.

In the case of housings or buildings, a similar situation may occur, this time with the syphon box from the sewer installation. Just like the syphon, this syphon box should be supplied with water.

If the toilet syphon contains no water there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, there may be a leak in it, which leads to leakage of water. Moreover, there may be a partial obstruction of the toilet syphon, draining the water and forcing it to siphon into the sewer.

In both cases, contact us and we will send a technician over to your house or office..

When buying a home, whether new or used, and there is the possibility of an abnormality in relation to the sewage system, you should ask the seller or owner for a video of the inside of the sewer system.

If the clogging is not too deep, the majority of products in the market fulfill their purpose, however, results may vary between different brands. Regardless of the brand you select, you should always follow the instructions in the package. For deeper or more serious situations, contact us and we will send a technician over to your house or office.



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